Our People

We are a company that specializes in producing great products, but there is one resource that we value above all else – our people. We truly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We provide an excellent working environment and benefits that offer our people the ability to excel in their jobs. We have employees with 20+ years with the company and still going strong!

We Listen

We will listen diligently to your request or need before we attempt to offer a solution. So don’t be surprised if it is quiet on the other end of the line… we are listening to you first!

We Are Responsive

When it comes to selecting a label supplier for your business one of your primary concerns should be responsiveness to your requests. When you place a call to Cypress Multigraphics during business hours you will promptly get a person to assist you, not a voice mail system. We take pride in our personal responsiveness to your requests.

We Treat You Like A Partner

Your success is our success. We understand that a good looking quality label or logo will help your products to sell. We will do all we can do to create a win-win partnership between your company and ours.

We Bring You Our Best Ideas

Each and every day our people find themselves in situations where new ideas and creativity are a must.
If there is a concept or layout that will result in a better label product or possible cost savings we will share that with you. We have helped some of our customers to benefit from huge savings by use of alternate material constructions, product stocking programs, shipping methods,  or change to a printing process.