We’re all in this together and are faced with new challenges as we navigate through this pandemic. As such, we are forced to adapt how we do business to promote credibility and ensure trust with our customers.

Cypress MultiGraphics now offers a unique and fool-proof Security Seal Label designed to create a temporary seal that indicates to your customers that your product or space has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. When the label is removed, a VOID image becomes apparent to indicate tampering.

Benefits of the new Cypress MultiGraphics Security Seal Label:
-Assure your customers that each of your products or locations has been properly sanitized during this uncertain time.
-Advertise your services and promote your business by ensuring your customers that you are conforming to this new standard of cleanliness.
-Help propel COVID-19 Safety Guidelines by adding another aspect of security and trust.
-Help promote the health and safety of your customers.

Contact us to discuss how we can help ensure the health and safety of your customers.